“I want a business, but I don’t have the financial capacity.” Almost everyday, I hear this self-defeating sigh. Oftentimes, it sounds like an expression of detachment, but after giving the message a few seconds of evenhanded thought, I can say that what I have heard are just words voiced out of confusion.

Most people assume that starting their own company is costly, complex and just plain unattainable. On the contrary, I have wonderful news for you.

Every good thing starts with an idea and a good plan needs to be nurtured with an idea that you love right from the very start. If you truly desire to become successful, whatever it takes, hold on to what is truly ingrained in your heart.

Growing up from a family with a solid business background, evolving into an entrepreneur wasn’t an option for me. I knew altogether this was the career path that was intended for me. In the beginning I used to have restless nights where the only thing that keeps ringing in my mind was “building my empire.”


As a single mother starting out, I didn’t have a lot of resources, despite of all challenges. I never let any hint of disbelief cloud my vision. It all started with holding on to a precious most loved idea. Here’s what I did to kick off my dream.

Wrote down my vision and made it plain

I carved my dream in stone by placing everything in an  ordered list. Everything was written in sequence. Set my initial goals and include feasible alternatives as well.

Started saving every nickel

Necessary minor sacrifices and postpone self-gratification by cutting down spending on leisure or non-priority social activities we the the focus of this period. In this manner, I have wisely redirected my spending, to thrift in favor of creating a budget for my business’ start up.

Linked up with a mentor

“He who walks with the wise, grows wise.” Follow the leader. My attained success as an entrepreneur would have meant less if I haven’t met my mentor, Craig Milbry. He is one of the most successful and influential businessmen whom I personally knew. He has held me by the hand, opened my mind’s eye to the most practical solutions and walked me out of the rough spots with confidence and ease.

Drafted the blueprint

I was overjoyed when Craig Milbry was there by my side to layout all my written plans against a schedule. This is part where my ordered list of preparartions are plotted against a realistic schedule and budgeting. As I remembered this experience, it was like the “War Room” stage, where the Chief Commanding Officer needs his generals to produce the most feasible approach to a developing situation. With the best brains to think with, I am ensured of victory.

Launched my calling

I was ready. I envisioned my claim to MY throne as “The Queen of Biz Makeovers” long before my plans were written. The more I draft my ideas in writing, the more it starts to get real. The more I talk about it, it brings me closer to my proclamation. With a brilliant plan roling out and my supportive mentor guiding my launch, I feared no error. I was ready fly light and soar high.

The perfection of your plans depends on how you hold on to your most cherised personal and business idea in your heart. If it only beats for it, why suppress it? Don’t waste a day nurturing these ideas of growth. Let it flow and let it grow!

 Brought to you by The Single Wives Club