My definition of SEXY can be summed in four words: confidence, self awareness, passion, and fortitude. I’ve always found sexy women or women with these four traits very admirable. Most women I know display sexiness in the way they look, dress, move, or speak. But what if you can bring a touch of SEXY in your business? Better yet, what if you can start a business that says SEXY all over it? Wouldn’t it be easier to become more confident, stronger, more passionate, and more aware of your power?

This article is for all women who are planning to start their own business and at the same time want to commit to living a sexy life. I’ve compiled a few jazzy, and most of the time sultry new businesses that you can start this year.

New Business to start #1 Chocolate Store

What could be sexier than chocolate? That exciting combination of bitter and sweet slowly melting in your mouth? It can flare up any subtle fire and is powerful enough to bring estranged lovers together. Luckily for chocolate lovers who want to invest in this business, it’s a profitable investment too.

You can never go wrong with it. What, with tons of women going though PMS every month who are all craving for this sweet and sinful treat? Kidding aside, chocolate is said to be the new coffee. Chocolate has been trending in the food industry for the last 5 years or so.

It also has a lot of great health benefits. It’s a natural antioxidant and contains flavanoids and making your future customers aware of this will double or even triple sales since a lot of people are more health conscious nowadays. Plus, imagine selling a box of these sinful delights to a cute guy trying to rekindle romance with his wife. Imagine what your products can do.

New Business to start #2 Sensual Fitness Studio

A lot of women are now willing to pay for dance classes that will not only improve their fitness but will also awaken their sensual side. Dance instruction businesses have been fiscally sound for years. It will be a brilliant new business venture to set into motion.

Pole dancing and zumba are just a few examples of the dances you can teach. This is perfect for dancers or instructors who are looking to start their own businesses. It will be a perfect way to live out your passion and at the same time make a living. These two sexy dances provide opportunities to women to improve physically and emotionally. It will improve their confidence and will bring out a more passionate version of themselves.

The best way to go is to start with small classes. Once profit starts coming in, you can hire a couple of other instructors and start accepting more students. Just think of all the sensual moves, hot music, and smoking bodies gracing your workplace everyday. Totally sexy!

New Business to start #3 Perfume Outlet

Perfume is one of the best known agents for arousing sensuality and desire. I’ve always been fascinated about different fragrances and what they can do to trigger attraction between the sexes. But it has actually gone beyond this purpose and became a part of everyday fashion.

Perfume has been proven to be a very lucrative business. You are looking at a wide niche that range from working class employees to celebrities. With a perfume shop, you can expect sales all year and on all four seasons.

The best way to go is to sell all kinds of fragrances. Offer designer perfumes as well as the undiscovered ones. There are some businesses that are more profitable when focused on a single niche. In the perfume industry, however, it’s better if you offer something for everybody. It’s very likely for a wife to grab something for his hubby when buying her own perfume.

New Business to start #4 Lingerie Boutique

Ask any woman and she will tell you that a good set of lingerie does a better job at boosting self confidence than what we wear on top of it. Lingerie is our most intimate best friend and pretty undies never fail to make us feel prettier and sexier. But we all know it’s more than that, it is a part of women’s everyday lives. The more kinky ones may choose to go out without underwear but I’m sure a good 90% of us can’t go out without wearing one.

A lingerie shop attracts women from different walks of life. Actually, let me rephrase that, women from different walks of life NEED lingerie. That simple fact gives you a big enough clientele base.

Online retail is an option for you if you’re not planning on investing a lot of money. With an estimated start up cost of a little over $1000, you can start your own online lingerie store and attract customers from all over the world.

New Business to start #5 Wine shop

The wine industry is a billion dollar industry that is growing every minute. And a very romantic one at that. From production to consumption, I always find wine to be one of the sexiest businesses out there.

Although you can typically find a number of wine shops in a small city, wineconnoisseurs claim that there is still room for everybody who want to open their own wine business. First thing about it is it never goes out of style. It will always be a part of fine dining, parties, and celebrations. Another thing is that it has plenty of health benefits as we already know which is always a good marketing claim.

Be very careful though. Opening a wine shop requires ample knowledge about the product plus a lot of paperwork that you need to comply. It is highly advised that you engage in consultation and research every law, systems, and other details you need to know before opening your doors to the public.

Remember, dear readers that these are just suggestions. When opening a business, it is important that you are most passionate about it. The passion you have for what you do is and will always be the main ingredient to a business that’s overflowing with sexiness.

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