There are only a few key things that a woman must do in order to satisfy a man.  If she does all of these things correctly he will treat her like a queen and will do everything in his power to keep her happy.  He will be too afraid of losing her to do anything that would jeopardize their relationship.


Step #1: “Rub his fragile male ego”

A man’s ego is a powerful thing.  It can cause him to do extremely heroic and admirable things as well as extremely stupid and ignorant things.  However, what many women don’t realize about a man’s ego is that it is also very fragile.  Because of this a woman should be sure to boost her man’s ego whenever she has the opportunity.


Step #2: “His Stomach is the way to a his heart”

It is a well known fact that most men love to eat.  It is also true that many men either don’t know how to cook, don’t cook well, or don’t enjoy cooking.  This creates an internal conflict for a man because he wants to eat but doesn’t want to prepare the meal.  Women can use this conflict to their advantage.  By cooking for a man, a woman is, in essence, killing two birds with one stone. She is both giving him something he loves (food) and keeping him from having to do something he hates to do (cook).  Also, when a man comes home to a delicious, home cooked meal he will be extremely happy and will feel loved and appreciated.  Resultantly, he will love and appreciate the woman more, thereby strengthening the relationship.


Step #3: “Stand by and support your man”

Whenever I talk about this step it always reminds me of the story of Don Haskins.  Don Haskins was the head coach of Texas Western College from 1961-1999 who is known for having the first all black starting line-up in college basketball in the 1966 NCAA championship game.  His story is depicted in the 2006 movie “Glory Road.”  In this movie Don Haskins faces many challenges including: lack of support from the school, criticism from the media, physical attacks, his entire family having to live in the men’s dorm, and even death threats!  The reason that I bring this story up is the fact that through all of these hardships Don Haskins’ wife sticks by his side, supports him and encourages him.  In one scene when all of the wives are looking at one of Don’s games and are appalled at seeing an all black basketball starting line-up, one of the wives says, “Who is that awful man!?” in response to this Mrs. Haskins proudly responds, “That awful man is my husband.”  Mrs. Haskins is a perfect example of how a woman should stand by and support her man at all times.


Step #4: “Cater to him and he’ll cater back”

The female R&B group Destiny’s Child said it best in their song, Cater to You, when they stated “I got your slippers, your dinner, your  dessert, and so much more, anything you want, I want to cater to you.”  Catering to a man’s needs and desires is extremely important in maintaining a relationship.  When you cater to a man it makes him feel like a King and he will want to make you feel like his Queen.  For this step always remember, it’s the simple things that count, for example:  Fixing him a plate of food and bringing it to him, rubbing his back, rubbing his feet, bringing him the morning paper, ironing his clothes,  fixing him breakfast in bed, or tying his tie are all things that you could do to cater to your man.  Catering to your man is very important and is fundamental in preserving a strong relationship.

Step #5: “Be a lady in streets…”

Appearances are extremely important in today’s society.  Because of this, the way a woman appears in public is very important.  A woman should never be sexually explicit, or act provocative when in public.  Instead she should always carry herself like a lady.  This will make a man feel proud to say that you are his woman.  Conversely, when you are alone with your man you should feel free to act in many of the ways that you would not act in public. In fact, being sexually explicit and acting provocatively are things that a man will enjoy very much



There are many things that a woman can (and should) do in order to keep her relationship strong, but if you follow these steps you will be well on your way to a happy future with your partner.


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