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New Year; New Money Goals!

New year, new you; right? Well how about we include new money goals in the new year too?! With the new year we vow to have better eating habits, better workout habits, so why not better financial habits. Our financial…

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Single Wife Life

4 Healthy Alternatives to Your Fav Products

I’m ALWAYS searching for healthy alternatives! When I was writing my first book, WERK101 I knew I couldn’t create a lifestyle guide without including health and wellness. Although it’s easy to understand that what we put in our body effects…

vision board
Business + Finance

How to Make Your Vision Board Work

I know you are sick and tired of creating that same ol’ vision board year after year. If your goals haven’t changed, that means you haven’t accomplished much. So, to make the most of this year’s vision and show you…

Single Wife Life

#GrownWomanIsh as told by Chef Ahki

Celebrity chef, health activists, and food blogger, Chef Ahki educated us with some eye opening and jaw dropping misconceptions about the standard American diet. She also provided instructions on how to incorporate healthy living into a busy lifestyle. This session…

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Koereyelle #GrownWomanIsh: Mind Your Business

“One thing you have to stop if you want to be successful is worrying about what everyone else is doing” – Koereyelle There were so many takeaways from the opening night of the #GrownWomanIsh Virtual Conference! The ink from my…

2017 planner
Single Wife Life

The Ultimate Life Organizer

I know you’re ready to PLOT, PLAN & GET PAID! And my brand new planner is the tool to help you do it! Anyone who knows me knows that part of what keeps my creative juices flowing is note taking….


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